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Rubber Lining Slurry Pump Parts Features: Wear resistance: It features long service life. The testing worn result is 0.02~0.10 cm3/1.6km, which is 0.3-2 times, or above, for that of an alloy guard sleeve. Corrosive resistance: It may be resistant to corrosion due to all kinds of acid, alkali, salt, and sea water. Adoption of synthetic rubber lining is made for over-flow parts, applicable for suspending particles with pH=0.5-14, a temperature within 100℃, H2SO4 with a concentration of 70% or below, salt and alkali with a concentration of 30% or below, and NaOH with a concentration of 30% or below as well as the other non-organic acids, which is provided with high temperature (up to 150℃)resistant rubber lining to meet the demands of the users. Interchangeable: It may be interchangeable with and supportive to Warman and famous domestic manufacturers, with fast, easy connecting means. Meanwhile, we may supply all kinds of metallic spare parts for over-flow components depending on the demands of the customers.
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All Of Slurry Pump Warman Parts we can Offer as bellow:     

Slurry Pump Replacement Parts 1.5/1B-AH                   
B1052 R55 , B1017 R55 , B1036 R55
 Slurry Pump Replacement Parts 2/1.5B-AH
B15127 R55,B15017 R55,B15036 R55
 Slurry Pump Replacement Parts 3/2C-AH
C2127 R55,C2017 R55,C2036 R55
 Slurry Pump Replacement Parts4/3D-AH
D3147 R55,D3017 R55,D3036 R55
 Slurry Pump Replacement Parts 6/4D-AH
E4147 R55 , E4018 R55 , E4036 R55 , E4083 R55
 Slurry Pump Replacement Parts 8/6E-AH
F6147 R55 , F6018 R55 , F6036 R55 , F6083 R55
 Slurry Pump Replacement Parts 10/8E-M
F8147 R55 , F8018 R55 , F8036 R55 , F8083 R55
 Slurry Pump Replacement Parts 10/8ST-AH
G8147 R55 , G8018 R55 , G8036 R55 , G8083 R55
 Slurry Pump Replacement Parts 12/10ST-AH
G10147 R55 , G10018 R55 , G10036 R55 , G10083 R55
 Slurry Pump Replacement Parts 14/12ST-AH
G12147 R55 , G12018 R55 , G12043 R55 , G12083 R55 , G12041 R55
 Slurry Pump Replacement Parts 16/14TU-AH
GAM14147 R55 , H14018 R55 , H14043 R55 , H14083 R55 , H14041 R55
 Slurry Pump Replacement Parts 20/18TU-AH
U18018TL1 R55 , U18043TL1 R55 , U18083TL1 R55 , U18041TL1 R55
 Slurry Pump Replacement Parts 20A-L 
 175017 R55 , 175036 R55 , 175052 R55 ,175029 R55
 Slurry Pump Replacement Parts 50B-L
 32017 R55 , 32036 R55 , 32052 R55 , BSC029R
 Slurry Pump Replacement Parts 75C-L
 43017 R55 , 43036 R55 , 43052 R55 
 Slurry Pump Replacement Parts 100D-L 
 64017 R55 ,64036 R55 , 64114 R55 , DSC029R
 Slurry Pump Replacement Parts 1050E-L 
 86017 R55 ,86036 R55 , 86127 R55 , ESC6029
 Slurry Pump Replacement Parts 200F-L
 108018 ,R55 108136, R55 108127 ,R55 ESC8029 ,108029 
 Slurry Pump Replacement Parts 300S-L
SL30147 R55 , SL30018 R55 , SL30036 R55 , SL30083 R55
 Slurry Pump Replacement Parts 350S-L
SL35147 R55 , S35083 R55 , S35041 R55
 Slurry Pump Replacement Parts 400ST-L
STL40147 R55 , TL40018 R55 , TL40043 R55 , TL40083 R55 , TL40041 R55
 Slurry Pump Replacement Parts 450ST-L
STL45147 R55 , TL45018 R55 , TL45043 R55 , TL45083 R55 , TL45041 R55
 Slurry Pump Replacement Parts 550TU-L
TUL55018 , TUL55043 ,TUL55147 ,TUL55083 ,TUL55041  
 Slurry Pump Replacement Parts 8/6E-AH
F6018TL1 R55 , F6036TL1 R55
 Slurry Pump Replacement Parts 10/8ST-AH
G8018SRTL1 R55 , G8036TL1HS1 R55
 Slurry Pump Replacement Parts 12/10ST-AH
G10018TL1 R55 , G10036TL1 R55
 Slurry Pump Replacement Parts 600TLR
600TLR-020 R55 , 600TLR-030 R55 , 600TLR-050 R55
 Slurry Pump Replacement Parts 700TLR
700TLR-020 R55 , 700TLR-030 R55 ,  700TLR-050 R55
 Slurry Pump Replacement Parts 800TLR
800TLR-020 R55 , 800TLR-030 R55 , 800TLR-050 R55
If any Requirement about Above Rubber Parts, Please contact us By email, we will reply you 
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