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With the pace of China's economic growth, we have also gone through more than 30 years of stormy history, from the original Shenzhou City West Artemisia Branch brake material plant step by step to today, from the original only production Some accessories have been developed into the production of pumps. All employees of our factory work together to create a chapter of victory. In the past 30 years, Asian and Australian people have made encouraging achievements by relying on the reform and opening up, relying on talents and technological advantages, operating with integrity, seeking truth and being pragmatic, pioneering and innovating, and working hard.

With the increasingly fierce competition today, all our Asian and Australian people, with the help and care of all our partners and leaders at all levels who care about and support us, will be more open-minded and more indomitable in their morale. We will work together to forge ahead, seize new opportunities and meet new challenges. The company will be customer-oriented, carry out technological innovation, product innovation, service innovation and management innovation; strive to cultivate first-class team, implement first-class management, create first-class products, provide first-class service, and create industry-leading enterprises.

"Integrity, dedication, cooperation, and innovation" are the guidelines we follow. Good social reputation, high reputation and excellent management team have laid a solid foundation for our cooperation and development. Let us join hands to create a more splendid tomorrow.